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WANT to take your marriage to the Next LeveL?
Want more Purpose

and a closer connection to your spouse
. . . and to God?

  Holy   EnTanglement 
  a podcast about the hot mess of a holy marriage  

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In just 25 minutes per week, the Holy Entanglement podcast can help.

We've designed this podcast to fit into your busy schedule.

We've designed it so that with only about 25 minutes
—by listening in the car or on an airplane or at the gym or wherever—
you can bring light and life—and the truth of Jesus Christ—right into your marriage.


it's easy for you
to fit it in

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we try our darndest to be transparent

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you get both sides, husband & wife

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you'll get Scriptural truth for marriage

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"I've seen thousands of families in over two decades in family ministry.
Jennifer & Justin are two of the people I trust most on what makes a healthy marriage."

Jim Candy, Pastor
Ascent Community Church, Louisville, Colorado

We're just like you. We don’t have marriage "all figured out." We’re just two people who are committed to following the one who does . . . the one who has everything figured out—our King, Jesus Christ.

We, Jennifer and Justin, are authors and co-founders of Gather Ministries, a Christian non-profit. We live and work on the San Francisco Pennisula with our three crazy kids and one very insecure dog.

We understand the busyness that characterizes the lives of women and men today. We understand how that busyness can impact our marriages and our relationships with God. And we have a heart for helping women and men build stronger relationships, despite busyness.

Join us.



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